Welcome to my corner of the internet! I invite you to explore my journey and passions. Here, you’ll uncover my professional experiences, skills, and interests that shape who I am today.

Profession: I am a Software Engineer II at Honeywell, where I have been working since graduating from college. In my role at Honeywell, one of the things I worked on was to independently develop and launch a full-stack SaaS offering, which served as an addition to the existing product, resulting in a new revenue source. And I mostly worked on projects with React, Node, Nest, SpringBoot, Typescript etc.

Open-source Experience: One of my proudest achievements has been my involvement with Unstructured Studio, an open-source organization under Outreachy. As a remote contributor, I synced with mentors in the US & Canadian timezone and worked on implementing UX/UI for new users and grouping feature for ZubHub (an open-source, documentation & collaboration tool for activity-based learning).

Education: I pursued my undergraduate in Engineering with a major in Computer Science at, National Institute of Technology Warangal, in India. This transformative journey not only equipped me with a solid foundation in my field but also instilled in me a passion for innovation and problem-solving. My time at NIT Warangal was a pivotal chapter in my academic and personal growth, shaping my path to getting into the tech industry.

Interests: I have an insatiable curiosity about human history and civilization, which has led me to explore the intricacies of our shared past. My fascination with the world of wildlife is showcased through a deep appreciation for documentaries that offer insights into the beauty and mysteries of the natural world.

Contact: The best way to contact me is via email: contact[at]iamhks[dot]com.